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  • A REALTOR(r) is typically a people person. The job requires meeting new clients, attending networking events and keeping active profiles on social media. But interestingly enough, most of a REALTORS(r) work is done alone- whether preparing a contract seated at a computer or most often- showing empty homes to total strangers. REALTOR(r)s and others involved in work of a solo nature are considered to be lone workers and can be vulnerable to criminal activity because they are seen as ... Read More

  • Once upon a time the word bankruptcy meant the worst case scenario for a consumer who had gone into deep financial debt, carrying with it a stigma and a hopeless image of an individual’s complete financial ruin. Over the last 20 years, that stigma has diminished greatly as many Americans have found it necessary to take this route due to harsh economic times, job loss, health problems, divorce and failed business ventures just to name of life’s more common hardships. In fact, ... Read More

  • Founded in 2001, Dundalk Renaissance Corporation (DRC) has taken on community revitalization in a variety of ways, and since 2014, they have launched a series of home buyer events and grant programs for 21222 and County 21224 to attract the next generation. In the process, DRC is turning heads toward 43 miles of waterfront, wonderfully refurbished row homes, new construction, numerous parks and green spaces, and easy access to highways systems, the City and BWI. Waterfront housing is the ... Read More

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    Dues Dollars Well Spent

    I am proud to serve on the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Public Policy and Coordinating Committee which serves as overseers of NAR's policy agenda. As an active REALTOR® that works with buyers and sellers on a daily basis, I see how the efforts of NAR directly impacts my daily business. Part of my role on this committee is to be one of one million voices that expresses the needs of the REALTORS®, so please, reach out to me or one of my fellow volunteers ... Read More

  • Contemplating buying a house? You’re probably full of questions: How much house can I afford? What do I need to know before I start house-hunting? How do I find a good REALTOR ® ? Let’s take a look at these and a few other common questions that come to mind when considering the purchase of a new home. How much can I afford for a new home? You will need to take an honest look at your finances and have a full understanding of where you stand financially before you can ... Read More

  • With inventory low and buyers competing for properties, you, as a buyer, might be tempted to waive the option of a home inspection. This is probably the biggest mistake you could make. This is the only opportunity you have to check out the home’s condition beyond what you can see with the physical eye. The first thing to do is BE PRESENT . A good home inspector will explain things about your future home as he inspects each part. Be prepared for a few hours of your time to complete the process. ... Read More